Welcome To Our Home Unfinished Stacked Sign Set by StudioR12 | DIY Front Door Hanger Kit for Painting | 3D Wood Lettering Cutout Sign | CMBN594

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If you want a DIY welcome sign project that captures your warm, inviting vibe while offering your home a fresh, modern look, this design by StudioR12 has got you covered. Our new ‘Welcome to Our Home’ 3D Door Hanger set comes with a 1/4" MDF circular baseboard surface and individual pieces for layering the words, “Welcome to Our Home,” with a ring of laurel image. This raised design kit makes it easy to stack painted layers for clean, crisp lines and an embossed finish that looks 100% professional. This kit is a perfect fit when used at your entryway - either as the centerpiece of your front door wreath or instead of it - but it can be hung or displayed anywhere fit for wood signs. No matter how you apply it, this template will provide a fun and affordable way to add class and warmth to your home decor, art projects, DIY crafts and gifts.

Set Specifications:
3D Word & Letter Embellishments - 7 Pieces - 1/4" MDF
Wreath Outline Embellishment - 14" - 1/4" MDF
Round Wood Surface - 15" - 1/4" MDF