About Us

In 2003, we launched our website with Pattern Packets for tole & decorative artists. Our customers loved them, but tracking down the tools and supplies online and in stores proved to be expensive, tedious, and time-consuming. Who wants to shop when they can be creating? They asked us to provide the products they needed, and we listened.

Seemingly overnight, Creative Arts Lifestyle began to grow into the convenient one-stop shopping experience that it is today. We now have thousands of patterns by dozens of creative artists, as well as an ever-growing lineup of the tools and supplies you love, and our design team is dedicated to bringing you new and cutting-edge tools and unique surfaces that you can't get anywhere else.

Perhaps the most important product that we provide for our customers is education - more importantly, education that can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, and at anytime with a computer and Internet access. Our product pages are filled with helpful videos demonstrating how to use our products, along with many hints and tricks to make painting fun and easy! We also offer project videos with FREE ACCESS frequently throughout the month - our popular Tole TV link is home to more than 30 absolutely FREE videos.

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When you shop at Creative Arts Lifestyle, you'll see our dedication to quality products. We hand-select our tools, test them for durability and ease-of-use, and guarantee that they'll provide the best experience when inspiration strikes!

Today, we are still a company actively being created by our customers, and every day we're doing our best to educate, equip, and inspire artists everywhere. Located in the tiny but lovely historic Gallipolis, Ohio, where our team of eight is more like a family and the care for our customers runs deep, just as one would expect from folks who live in a small urban area in Americas heartland. Visit us online, call us, or see us at the next convention and we'll greet you with a smile and honest caring and you might just get a hug!

Patricia Rawlinson
and the Creative Arts Lifestyle Team