Let It Snow Unfinished Stacked Sign Set by StudioR12 | DIY Winter Snowflake Door Hanger Kit | 3D Wood Cutout Sign for Crafting & Painting | CMBN593_1

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If you want a DIY Christmas decoration project that captures the sweet, wholesome vibe of the season while offering your home a fresh, modern look, this design by StudioR12 has got you covered. Our new ‘Let it Snow’ 3D Door Hanger set comes with a 1/4" MDF circular baseboard surface and individual pieces for layering the words, “Let it Snow,” with pine tree images and snowflake accents. This raised design kit makes it easy to stack painted layers for clean, crisp lines and an embossed finish that looks 100% professional. This kit is a perfect fit when used at your entryway - either as the centerpiece of your front door wreath or instead of it - but it can be hung or displayed anywhere fit for wood signs. No matter how you apply it, this template will provide a fun and affordable way to add winter warmth to your Christmas decor, art projects, DIY crafts and gifts.

Set Specifications:
Let It Snow Word Embellishment - 1/4" MDF
Snowflake Embellishments - 7 Pieces - 1/4" MDF
Tree & Outline Embellishments - 3 Pieces - 1/4" MDF
Round Wood Surface - 15" - 1/4" MDF

SKU: CMBN593_1