Grape Cask Lazy Susan DVD & Pattern Packet - Patricia Rawlinson


Grape Cask Lazy Susan DVD & Pattern Packet - Patricia Rawlinson

Learn how to create a cask out of a plain wood surface. 

Painting patterns for Decorative Painting, Tole Painting and general crafting. Adjust the size and surfaces to fit your personal style.

DVD includes: Video of project and Digital Pattern Packet on disc with pictures, pattern, supply list, and detailed instructions written by the original artist.


Palette: DecoArt Americana

DA171 Driftwood

DA059 Toffee

DA173 Khaki Tan

DA161 Graphite

DA220 Traditional Raw Umber

DA106 Light Avocado

DA113 Plantation Pine

DA222 Traditional Raw Sienna

DA242 Fawn

DA064 Burnt Umber

DA172 Black Plum

DA259 Cocoa

DA175 Plum

DA208 Celery Green

DA067 Lamp Black



DS51 Staining and Antiquing Medium

SA58 Weathered Wood

Claphams Salad Bowl Wax



1”, #6, #12 Patty’s Favorite Dry Brush

1” Clearly Amazing Angle Shader

½” White Wonder Filbert Comb Brush

Medium Crescent Stencil Brush

#2 Pro Round


Other Supplies:

Pen Style Half Pipe Compass

Italian Palette Knife

Pop Top

Artists Buddy

Varnish Sponge

Triple Threat Ghost Writer



Round Lazy Susan


Run Time: 103 Minutes