Geraniums Cask Lazy Susan DVD & Pattern Packet - Patricia Rawlinson


Geraniums Cask Lazy Susan DVD & Pattern Packet - Patricia Rawlinson

Painting patterns for Decorative Painting, Tole Painting and general crafting. Adjust the size and surfaces to fit your personal style.

DVD includes: Video of project and Digital Pattern Packet on disc with pictures, pattern, supply list,and detailed instructions written by the original artist.


Umbrella Lazy Susan
(Alternate surface:  4 Season lazy Susan


Palette:DecoArt  Americana Patio Paints + Americana Conversion
Wrought Iron Black DCP21  or Lamp Black DA067
Sweet Pea DCP59 or Foliage Green DA269
Geranium Red DCP07 or True Red DA129
Burgundy Rose DCP48 or Antique Maroon DA160
Concrete Grey DCP12 or Grey Sky DA111
Woodland Brown DCP18 or Burnt Umber DA064
Tiger Lily Orange DCP36 or Canyon Orange DA238
Pine Green DCP04 or Evergreen DA082
Bright Lime Green DCP56 or Citron Green DA235
Pinecone Brown DCP01  or Traditional Raw Sienna DA222
Fern Green DCP03 or Light Avocado DA106


Cork Sealer 
DuraClear Matte Varnish
Weathered Wood Crackle Medium

5/8 Dome Stencil Brush
Small Crescent Stencil Brush
Workhorse Flat
#4 Workhorse Flat 
#12 Oval Glaze
3/4 Oval Glaze
#6 Stroke Filbert
#2 Pro Round
#3 Raphael Liner 
½ White Wonder Filbert Rake


Half Pipe Compass
Triple Threat Ghost Writer
Cute Tips

Run Time: 82 Minutes