Farmhouse Tea Towel Stripe Stencil by StudioR12 - Select Size - USA Made - DIY Home & Kitchen Decor - Reusable Pattern Template for Wall, Floor, & Furniture Painting - STCL7060

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Farmhouse Tea Towel Stripe Stencil - A stencil by the artists at StudioR12!

Total Stripe Pattern Size:
5.04" x 0.61" - (6" x 1.5")
7.96" x 0.91" - (9" x 2.5")
11.50" x 1.31" - (13" x 3")
15.04" x 1.72" - (17" x 4")

Individual Stripe Widths:
Small Stripes: 0.05"; Large Stripes 0.14" - (6" x 1.5")
Small Stripes: 0.07"; Large Stripes 0.21" - (9" x 2.5")
Small Stripes: 0.10"; Large Stripes 0.30" - (13" x 3")
Small Stripes: 0.13"; Large Stripes 0.39" - (17" x 4")

Easy to use - perfect letters and designs every time!

Made from laser-cut translucent 7.5 mil Mylar (BOPET) plastic. Superior to vinyl - durable, non-toxic, chemical resistant, and food safe. Use over and over with proper care & cleaning. Soap & water clean-up. Non-adhesive, easy to position for no-mess use and storage.

StudioR12 stencils are created with care in our shop in Ohio by a team that's passionate about making the best stencils you've ever used. If you want to create projects that impress without hours of tedious tracing and hand-cramping hard work, then look no further!

Pro Stenciling Tips:
- Use painter's tape to secure or mask off areas of the design
- For acrylics or other wet mediums, remove excess from the brush or applicator when loading
- Apply mediums in multiple layers, as dryly as possible to prevent bleed-under
- For dimensional mediums (i.e. pastes, frostings for cakes & cookies), apply with an offset spatula or palette knife. Remove stencil by lifting straight up.

Stencil Care & Precautions:
- Wash with warm soap and water immediately after use
- Wash before using with food or cosmetics
- Do not use ammonia-based cleaners, as it may damage the stencil
- Do not expose to excessive heat or flame
- Parental supervision is encouraged

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