Faery Garden Image Transfer Magic Pack


Faery Garden Image Transfer Magic Pack

A collection of 6 fairy-themed image transfer papers that can add a magical touch to your next pixie project!

Our image transfers are an easy and unique way to create a interesting background for your projects.
Image transfer is easy - simply follow these steps:
• Apply decopauge medium to your project surface
• Apply desired section of Image Transfer paper FACE DOWN onto wet surface. Rub from center out using a brayer or smooth object to remove wrinkles. Allow project to dry.
• Remove excess paper and trim edges.
• Lightly sand paper. Spray with water until damp.
• Use a durable paper towel to rub away paper. The design stays behind!
(please note - your project's background color may show through the transfered design)

Each paper has a 16 x 10 design area on 11 x 17 paper. Acid free paper with polymer-based ink.

Includes these papers:
• Fae Words - Antique Green
• Fae Words - Antique Rose
• A Study In Faerie Wing - Antique Finish
• Peter Pan Text - Antique Finish
• Grunge Patterns - Flowers - Antique Green
• Grunge Patterns - Vines - Antique Green