Wild and Witchy - E-Packet - Deb Antonick


Wild and Witchy - E-Packet - Deb Antonick

This witch is dressed for a fun night in her wild polk-a-dot, leopard, tiger and check patterns outfit with funky pumpkins and a striped cat. Designed by Deb Antonick.

This project is painted using DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylic and Chalky Finish paints: 

DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics

Green Gold #DMFA14
Burnt Umber #DMFA03
Primary Magenta #DMFA29
Titan Buff #DMFA38
Primary Cyan #DMFA27
Vermilion #DMFA45
Pyrrole Orange #DMFA21 
Cadmium Orange Hue #DMFA15
Quinacridone Gold #DMFA32
Quinacridone Burnt Orange #DMFA31
Dioxazine Purple #DMFA12
Diarylide Yellow #DMFA11
Paynes Grey #DMFA20
Prussian Blue Hue #DMFA30
Titanium White #DMFA39
Carbon Black #DMFA05

DecoArt Americana Décor:

Chalky Finish Paint – Revive #ADC33 
Finish Paint – New Life #ADC14

One of the many project offerings in our collection of exceptional independent artists that we support!

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