Tuscan Sunflower DVD & Pattern Packet - Patricia Rawlinson


Tuscan Sunflower DVD & Pattern Packet - Patricia Rawlinson

Bring a touch of Tuscany to your home with the Tuscan Sunflower Project.

Painting patterns for Decorative Painting, Tole Painting and general crafting. Adjust the size and surfaces to fit your personal style.

DVD includes: Video of project and Digital Pattern Packet on disc with pictures, pattern, supply list,and detailed instructions written by the original artist.



Pallette: DecoArt Americana

 DA064 Burnt Umber
Cherry Red DA159
Evergreen DA 082
Georgia Clay DA017
Hauser Light Green DA 131
Hauser Medium Green DA 132
Honey Brown DA163
Lamp Black DA067
Marigold DA194
Milk Chocolate DA174
Olive green DA 056
Orange Twist DA266
Persimmon DA293
Russet DA080
Saffron Yellow DA273
Sand DA04
Soft Black DA155
Yellow Light DA144



 #5 Angle Stippler
Large Crescent Stencil Brush
#1 and #2 Easy Stroke Brush
#2 and #4 Patty's Favorite Dry Brush
#10 XLG Patty's Favorite Dry Brush
1 Oval Glaze Brush



Jumbo Jewel Stencil
Tack it over and over
Texture Glass
Palette Knife
Traditions Satin Varnish
Brass Metal Powders
Duraclear Gloss Varnish


Additional Supplies:

Multi-Purpose Sealer
Nitrile Gloves
Spray Bottle
Winsor & Newton Brush Cleaner
Yellow Varnish Sponge
Porcelain Brush Groomer with Basin
100/220 Grit Sanding Disc
280/400 Grit Sanding Disc


Run Time: 88 Minutes