Quick and Easy Halloween Projects - E-Packet - Patricia Rawlinson

SKU: 608e

Quick and Easy Halloween - E-Packet - Patricia Rawlinson

Make beautiful Halloween creations in a snap with our Quick and Easy Halloween projects! Projects include: Nevermore Tombstone, Raven Feathers Apothecary Bottle and Mermaid Tears Necklace. 

E-Packets are Pattern Packets delivered in a digital format - an easy-to-use PDF file that you can view on your computer or mobile device, and print out at home.

Each E-Packet includes color images, supply list, and detailed instructions by the original artist (other content varies among artists -  should you have questions/comments, please use the information on your e-packet to contact the individual artist.)

To download your E-Packet, log in to your CreativeArtsLifestyle.com account and click on the order that contains your E-Packet. There will be a Download Items button for your E-Packet there.


SKU: 608e