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Personalized Honey Circle Stencil with Bee - A stencil by the artists at StudioR12!

Actual Cut Out Size of Artwork:
STCL5502_1: 11.50" x 11.50" - (12" x 12")
STCL5502_2: 14.38" x 14.38" - (15" x 15")
STCL5502_3: 17.25" x 17.25" - (18" x 18")

Beekeeping isn't just a hobby, it's a way of life. What could be more buzz-worthy than sweet, delicious local honey? Whether you manage your own bee hives or just love the bee and honeycomb vibe, this "Local Honey - Something to Buzz About" stencil is a great way to bring the buzz into your home and garden decor! A perfect addition to any farmhouse or rustic decor and an especially great gift for the beekeeper in your life, this template can be used in the kitchen, in the barn, or in the apiary or roadside honey stand to achieve an Americana aesthetic that is suitable for any season. This template provides a fun and affordable way to showcase your unique primitive style through home decor and art projects.

Here at Ohio’s Studio R12, we use high quality Mylar material to make flexible, easy-to-clean stencils. Since our products are sturdy and reusable, it is easy to experiment with color combinations and surfaces to find that perfect fit. Our stencils come in a variety of sizes and are frequently used on wood, canvas, furniture, walls, floors, mixed media, cards and cakes... but the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

From crafts to cakes, walls to weddings - elevate your creative potential with stencils! Layer, emboss, revitalize, remodel, & explore a whole new world of artistic expression! Say it with a sign, jazz up a journal, personalize a planner, add flair to furniture, and much, much more.

Made from laser-cut translucent 7.5 mil Mylar (BOPET) plastic. Superior to vinyl - durable, non-toxic, chemical resistant, & food safe. Use over and over with proper care & cleaning. Soap & water clean-up. Non-adhesive, easy to position for no-mess use & storage.

StudioR12 stencils are created with care in our shop in Ohio, by a team that's passionate about making the best stencils you've ever used. If you want a way to create projects that impress, without spending hours on tedious tracing and hand-cramping hard work, then look no further!

Pro Stenciling Tips:
• Use painter’s tape to secure or mask off areas of the design
• For acrylics or other wet mediums, remove excess from the brush or applicator when loading. Apply mediums in multiple layers, as dryly as possible to prevent bleed-under.
• For dimensional mediums (i.e. pastes, frostings for cakes & cookies), apply with offset spatula or palette knife. Remove stencil by lifting straight up.

Stencil Care & Precautions:
• Wash with warm soap and water immediately after use. Wash before using with food or cosmetics.
• Do not use with ammonia-based cleaners, as it may damage the stencil.
• Do not expose to excessive heat or flame.
• Parental supervision is encouraged.