Paint Like a Pro 4-Volume DVD Deluxe Set


Paint Like a Pro 4-Volume DVD Deluxe Set

Can you relate to this story? 

You just finished your latest painting. You struggled to do everything just right, but your eye keeps going to that one UGLY rose or that area where the floats are splotchy, or the bumpy grain of the end wood, the streaky finish or the linework that is crooked and wavy.

Maybe you are frustrated that each painting takes weeks or months to finish and then you get frustrated and start a NEW, EASIER project. While the other project looms like a demon telling you that you are a quitter or just not talented enough? Pretty soon the pile of UFO's (Un-Finished Objects) are huge.

Quit suffering!  Painting should be relaxing and FUN and with the right techniques it will be EASY for you to relax and enjoy your hobby!

In the minutes it takes to watch a video, you can master this art form. For the first time ever in a DVD series, Paint Like a Pro will have you mastering all aspects of Decorative Painting from START to FINISH. Patricia Rawlinson will guide you to a new level of expertise using techniques gathered from the best of the best in the Decorative Painting Industry. Patty has taught decorative painting for 17 years, owned a shop and travel teaches extensively around the country she has taken classes and seminars and in depth study from industry giants like Jo Sonja Jansen, Rosemary West, Jamie Mills Price,Mary Jane Todd, Scottie Foster, Juanita Denton, Sharon Hamilton, Sue Pruett, David Jansen, Gayle Oram, Kim Hogue, Maxine Thoma, Yvonne Kresal, to name a few. She has a passion for technique and loves to share that passion with other artists.
DVD classes are the fastest way to learn; perfect for visual learners. Segmented chapters make it easy to find the subject you want to study or pick up where you left off. Patty has a great reputation for making learning fun and not holding out important information. You'll come back to this resource again and again!

Who can benefit from this series? 
  • Teachers
  • Beginners
  • One Stroke Painters
  • Self Taught Painters
  • Painters lacking confidence

Paint Like a Pro 4-Volume DVD Deluxe Set features all four of the Paint Like A Pro DVD Volumes:

  • Preparation Perfection
  • Brush Basics, Basecoats & Strokes
  • Detailed Excellence
  • Fabulous Finishes