How To Float: Painting Techniques DVD Series Volume 1


How To Float: Painting Techniques DVD Series Volume 1

I asked around and the number one technique Painters feel shaky about is... Floating.

  •  If you answer yes to any of these questions then You Qualify for


Floating Disability 
A serious disability causing permanent damage to hobby fulfillment
  • Does your shading and hilighting look like stripes? 
  • Do you glare daggers at the others in class who announce. I just love  floating
  • Do you secretly want to tackle tougher projects, but stick with the easy ones because your floats stink
  • Do you have extra grey hairs because of Floating?
  • Have you wiped off and rebased a project  because of your Floating Disability?
If you've got the Sickness... I 've got  the CURE!
Take one dose of the How to Float  and you will be saying Ahhhhh... Repeat with additional doses as needed.  
There are serious side effects associated with this medication:
  • Dizziness: caused by extreme joy from successful Floating.
  • Nausea: you cause others by proclaiming how easy floating is for you.
  • Double vision: at the register as you buy every book you ever wanted because now you know you can achieve the look you want.
  • Sleeplessness: caused by staying up late painting like a freak, because floating is a joy.


If you struggle with floating.. this DVD will cure you!

I have been teaching this technique for years... and I have it down to a teach-able science... Really!

I actually guarantee that anyone will be a better floater after watching this...


Oh and Teachers this is for you too. There are ten ways to approach floating, do you know what they are? 

When your student can't sideload a brush you can switch them to another method to achieve the desired look. I have included some tactile ways to measure a float as well as loads of tricks.

The DVD includes:
  • Step by step.. How to Float
  • What am I doing wrong?
  • Paint the Pear with Patty project
  • Color photo, Instructions, Pattern
  • How to Float using 10 different Techniques
  • Chapters, for forwarding
  • Lots of tips and tricks to make painting easy
  • BONUS: How to paint water drops

Doctor Give me the Cure!

Lets work together to save the world from terrible painting!