Easy Elegant Rose Deluxe Set


Easy Elegant Rose Deluxe Set


Includes everything you need to start painting beautiful stenciled roses in your next project!


Set includes:

DVD620-Easy Elegant Stenciled Roses DVD and Pattern Packet by Patricia Rawlinson

VLGS142 Easy Elegant Red Rose

VLGS143 Easy Elegant Pink Rose

VLGS144 Easy Elegant Coral Rose

VLGS145 Easy Elegant Tinted Rose

STCL848_1 Elegant Rose Layered Stencil

STCL849_1 Romantic Rose Layered Stencil

STCL850_1 Sweet Rose Layered Stencil

STCL851_1 Little Rose Layered Art Stencil

STCL853_1 Rose Leaves Art Stencil