DecoArt Multi Purpose Sealer - 2 oz

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DecoArt Multi Purpose Sealer - 2 oz

The ideal acrylic paint sealer designed to adhere to all surfaces for indoor and outdoor use.
Its superior adhesiveness, smoothness and durability allow it to be used on virtually any hard, paintable surface.

  • Dries clear 
  • Non toxic

Features and Advantages:

  • Adhesive, smooth and durable
  • Non-toxic,
  • For outdoor surfaces, can be mixed into paint with no varnishing necessary

Additional Decorating Ideas/Applications:

  • Thin with water for more absorbent surfaces.
  • For slick metal surfaces, clean and scuff to a rough finish with fine sandpaper or scourer before applying.
  • For metal and tin surfaces, make sure surface is clean before applying to allow for maximum adhesion.
  • For glazed ceramics or glass, apply one coat to surface before painting, or mix equal parts paint and sealer together before painting.
  • For wood, apply one smooth, even coat.

Helpful Hints:

  • To speed up basecoating, mix equal amounts of paint and Multi-Purpose Sealer and apply to the project’s surface.
  • For outdoor surfaces, mix Multi-Purpose Sealer into the paint so no varnishing is necessary. 
2 oz bottle
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SKU: MDMS099_1