Studio R 12

Banding Stencil Checks A - 1/2"


3/8 Banding Stencil Checks A

Create Checked bands 3/8 thick - Stencil bands are spaced 1 apart.

Use the A stencil for bands with EVEN-NUMBERED diameters (6, 8, 10, etc).

Use the Banding Stencils to QUICKLY paint your banding on round surfaces!

These stencils are designed to actually paint the bands

  • No more taping
  • No more wonky lines
  • No more WORK


Just Fast and Easy and always even!


Available in 4 widths... 1/8 inch bands, 1/4 inch bands, 3/8 inch bands, and 1/2 inch bands.
Mix and match the widths for border bands and trim banding. Each stencil will create bands on clocks from 5 to 18 (Use for inner bands on clocks larger than 18)


Stencil Size: 8 3/4 x 11