2010 Edition: How to Paint Lace


2010 Edition: How to Paint Lace

Re-Inventing how we paint lace...

When I filmed the original How to Paint Lace, I taught the techniques using the tools I had available to me. Now, there is a whole NEW world of tools available that make painting lace EASY! By using the Deluxe Craft Lathe, Ghost Writers in various colors, and a whole plethora of NEW tools, painting lace has been completely re-invented and is now easier than ever!

I'll walk you through all the tools and techniques to paint lace, step by step. I share all the shortcuts and explain the differences. If you prefer not to use special tools to paint lace, then the Original How to Paint Lace DVD is perfect for you! However, if you do enjoy tools that increase accuracy and ease of painting, as well as reduce mistakes and the potential for messy boo boos, then THIS is the DVD for you!


Have you have experienced these problems while painting lace?

  • Struggled with holding your ornaments securely
  • The classic running your hand thru fresh dots or paint
  • Having shakey hands
  • Finding the perfect leverage to make pretty strokes and lines
  • Erasing extra lines and dots with accuracy
  • Placement of your pattern
  • Making straight lines on round or irregular shapes
Then this video will show you how to paint Lace Ornaments the simple and EASY way!

Painting patterns for Decorative Painting, Tole Painting and general crafting. Adjust the size and surfaces to fit your personal style.

DVD includes: Video of project and Digital Pattern Packet on disc with pictures, pattern, supply list,and detailed instructions written by the original artist.

Run Time: 75 Minutes