10 Beautiful Backgrounds DVD - Patricia Rawlinson


10 Beautiful Backgrounds DVD - Patricia Rawlinson

A unique DVD designed to help, you as an artist create interesting backgrounds. A good background is the foundation for your art and essential in making your art look and feel complete!

The 10 Beautiful Backgrounds you get:


  • Chipped and Peeling Paint (looks like antique chipped paint)
  • Smoked Paint (You gotta see this to believe it!)
  • Layered Stencil Backgrounds
  • Alcohol and Saran Wrap Leather
  • Slip/ Slapped colors
  • Antiqued Backgrounds
  • Textured Effects
  • Dry Rubbed Color/ Fade
  • The Fading Sponge
  • Stone

Painting patterns for Decorative Painting, Tole Painting and general crafting. Adjust the size and surfaces to fit your personal style.

Run Time: 26 minutes