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Rescued Is My Favorite Breed Stencil - A stencil by the artists at StudioR12!

Actual Cut Out Size of Artwork:
STCL5085_1: 8.31" x 7.88" - (9" x 9")
STCL5085_2: 10.88" x 10.31" - (12" x 12")
STCL5085_3: 13.59" x 12.89" - (15" x 15")
STCL5085_4: 16.31" x 15.47" - (18" x 18")

Who rescued who? That is a question so many people ask themselves when they think about their own rescued animal friend.

Dogs, cats, birds, whatever your favorite type of animal, all of them need our love and dedication. What better way to let people know how important your favorite rescue is to you than with this eye catching stencil from StudioR12!

Think of all the amazing colors you could use when creating your sign, buttery yellow for your favorite cat, white with black spots for your friendly pooch, or a rainbow of colors for your beautiful rescue bird. Whatever your favorite pet is, your special array of colors will be amazing for your creation.

StudioR12 provides you with an easy to use stencil that is durable and made of strong Mylar material, which can be used over and over again. Our stencils are created in the USA by a team that's passionate about making the best stencils you've ever used. Whether you display your sign in your house or at your front or back door, this stencil will help you create a sign that says, " Hey, I rescued my best friend, and they rescued me too"

Pro Stenciling Tips: Use painters tape to secure or mask off areas of the design For acrylics or other wet mediums, remove excess from the brush or applicator when loading. Apply mediums in multiple layers, as dryly as possible to prevent bleed-under. For dimensional mediums (i.e. pastes, frostings for cakes & cookies), apply with offset spatula or palette knife. Remove stencil by lifting straight up.

Stencil Care & Precautions: Wash with warm soap and water immediately after use. Wash before using with food or cosmetics. Do not use with ammonia-based cleaners, as it may damage the stencil. Do not expose to excessive heat or flame. Parental supervision is encouraged.