Raphael Kolinsky Sable Quill Liner Brush #2

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Raphael Kolinsky Sable Quill Liner Brush #2

The Cadillac of liner brushes

This brush is constructed in France, where each brush is meticulously hand crafted by centuries-old techniques for unparalleled quality.

Hairs of this brush come from the Kolinsky Sable, a small animal that lives in the coldest areas of Siberia and Manchuria.
The hairs are laid with all the cuticles going in the same direction and are hand cut. This creates exceptional flow of paints and mediums.

This brush, when well cared for, should last its users as many as 30-40 years. 


  • Allows rapid and precise work
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Spring, snap and color holding abilities
  • Long tapered point and belly
  • Quill ferrule
  • Strong, dense hair
**Please note: I call this brush an ugly brush since the quill and the natural fibers don't look like manufactured brushes


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SKU: BRSH049_2