Painter's Palette Apron E-Packet - Beth Wagner


Painter's Palette Apron E-Packet - Beth Wagner

This is a fun creative project to make yourself stand out from the crowd and look sharp doing it. Designed by Beth Wagner.

This project is painted using DecoArt SoSoft Fabric paints:


DSS1 White
DSS4 Cadmium Orange
DSS37 Primary Yellow
DSS81 Yellow Green
DSS79 Indian Turquoise
DSS25 Christmas Red
DSS87 Wisteria
DSS24 Black
DSS100 Green
DSS91 Warm Neutral

One of the many project offerings in our collection of exceptional independent artists that we support! 

E-Packets are Pattern Packets delivered in a digital format - an easy-to-use PDF file that you can view on your computer or mobile device, and print out at home. 

Each E-Packet includes color images, supply list, and detailed instructions by the original artist (other content varies among artists -  should you have questions/comments, please use the information on your e-packet to contact the individual artist.) 

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