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Over River - Through Woods Stencil with Horse - Sleigh - Snow - Mistletoe - A stencil by the artists at StudioR12!

Actual Cut Out Size of Artwork:
STCL5122_1: 10.75" x 10.75" - (12" x 12")
STCL5122_2: 13.50" x 13.50" - (15" x 15")
STCL5122_3: 16.50" x 16.50" - (18" x 18")

You can't help but sing this beloved song as you are reading the words on this beautiful stencil from StudioR12. From the woodland wreath details to the horse drawn carriage displaying two dapper silhouettes inside, this "Over the River and Through the Woods" stencil stirs all the memories of days gone by.

Whether you decide to display this sign in a special room in your home, or outside on your front porch, this sign adds a holiday feel to any place you would like to put it. On pillows, wood boards or signs to pair with holiday wreaths...just think of all the festive holiday colors you could use to give this sign your own personal touch.

Our StudioR12 signs are all made with tough Mylar material, which is easy to use and easy to clean up, and they can be used over and over again! Plus all of our stencils are designed by the creative artists at StudioR12, right here in the United States.

"Over the River and Through the Woods", to grandma's house or to friends & family, everyone can reminisce about special memories of the holiday season

Pro Stenciling Tips: Use painters tape to secure or mask off areas of the design For acrylics or other wet mediums, remove excess from the brush or applicator when loading. Apply mediums in multiple layers, as dryly as possible to prevent bleed-under. For dimensional mediums (i.e. pastes, frostings for cakes & cookies), apply with offset spatula or palette knife. Remove stencil by lifting straight up.

Stencil Care & Precautions: Wash with warm soap and water immediately after use. Wash before using with food or cosmetics. Do not use with ammonia-based cleaners, as it may damage the stencil. Do not expose to excessive heat or flame. Parental supervision is encouraged.