Ornate Monogram Stencils - Full Alphabet

SKU: CMBN180_1

Ornate Monogram Stencil Set - A through Z

Create an elegant message with our Ornate Monogram Stencil Set.  Each letter plate measures 4 x 4 with the actual letters measuring 2 1/2 x 2 1/2.  

Perfect for a litany of your art projects to achieve a personal touch. Each stencil has a ring hole in the corner so you can keep them neat and organized.  

Use for Scrapbooking, Creative Backgrounds, or Cardmaking.  The only limit to this stencil is your imagination!

Our stencils are laser cut from .7 mil clear mylar. They can be used over and over again. We prefer to use a very dry stencil brush with a tiny amount of acrylic paint for most projects. However other mediums may be used as well such as fabric paint, Armour etch or even spray paint.

If you like to clean your stencils we recommend soaking the stencil in warm soapy water and gently using a soft brush to loosen paint... we most often do not clean our stencils. we let the paint dry and use them over and over again.

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SKU: CMBN180_1