Farmhouse Monogram Chalkboard Calendar Project Set


Birthdays and holidays. Games and practices. Shopping, prepping, cooking dinner, clean-up. When your family is always on the go, it can be hard to keep everyone on the same page. Use this stencil to create a chalkboard calendar for your home to do just that.

The stencil features a blank grid calendar in the middle with a notes section and a menu schedule at the bottom. At the top of the stencil is a monogram letter, that you can personalize, highlighted by leaf and vine accents. Underneath is an empty banner to write in the month. Create one calendar for the household, or with proper care, create multiple calendars for around your home. Because, as we all know, just one reminder sometimes isn’t enough.

In this kit, you will receive the Family Monogram Chalk Calendar Stencil, Chalk Script Alphabet Stencil Set, and Rectangular Surface.

Set Specifications:

Family Monogram Chalk Calendar Stencil - 24” x 16”

Chalk Script Alphabet Stencil Set - 12” x 12”

Rectangular Surface - 24” x 16" - 1/4" MDF Board