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Christmas Wishes Snowflake Stencil - 4" x 4"


Christmas Wishes Snowflake Stencil - 4" x 4"

Used with the Christmas Wishes ornament project by artist Patricia Rawlinson (PR644). These little snowflakes can be used with many other holiday and winter-themed projects!

Why use our stencils?
Because our stencils allow you to create and enhance your projects quickly and easily.
Stencils do the hard work for you – no more tedious linework, taping, or tracing.
Our stencils have been carefully-designed by professional artists, so that the finished product
doesn't look like it was done with a stencil – it looks like art!

Stencil Use and Care 

Each stencil is precision cut from durable, flexible 7.5mil mylar. This translucent material is easy to clean,
food safe, and chemical resistant*. With proper care and cleaning, you can use them a thousand times!

Our stencils work with nearly every medium imaginable, and nearly every surface. Paint on wood, ink on fabric,
chalk on paper, 
glitter and thick mediums for your scrapbook, spray paint on your furniture, even frosting on your cake!

Use for card making, wall painting, pen, pencil, decorative painting, folk art, mixed media – mask, emboss, etch,
create patterns, mix and match for unlimited creativity!

Stencil Dimensions: 4" x 4" (snowflakes are approx. 1/2" to 3/4" each)

*Mylar may be damaged by cleaners containing ammonia or lye