Drying Time Extender Medium


Drying Time Extender Medium

This is a water-based medium that, when mixed with Americana Acrylics or Crafter's Acrylic,
extends the drying and blending times and can be used for faux finishes and transparent effects.

(formerly BrushnBlend Extender Medium)

2 fl. oz


10 Tips for using DecoArt Drying Time Extender
in your Acrylic Decorative Painting Projects


1. Mix Drying Time Extender directly with acylic paints to increase open time. 

2. Apply Drying Time Extender directly to the surface you are painting and then apply acrylic paints in the areas desired. 
   (apply extender using horizontal and vertical strokes to ensure complete coverage, places where the extender hasn't been brushed will cause spot sticking and frustration, wipe off any excess medium with a paper towel)

3. Be careful not to mix the Dry Time Extender with Water as it will dry much quicker. 

4. You can make an intentional mix of Drying Time Extender + Water -  80% + 20% to create a custom mix that will meet your drying expectations. 

5. Add Drying Time Extender to the liner mix and your line work will flow more smoothly. 

6. Mix Drying Time Extender with acrylic paints to create glazes and antiquing. 

7. Apply a thin coat of Drying Time Extender to see how your painting project will look when varnished. 

8.Use Drying Time Extender to create faux finishes. 

9. Spattering with water over wet areas of Drying time extender mixed with paints creates awesome circle hazes and fun looks (play with it.. it's cool!)

10. Apply an even coat of drying time extender over your surface when you are unsure about a color choice or antiquing technique, that way if you don't like the effect you can just wipe off the colors with a paper towel and start over. 

11. One extra important tip... drying can be sped up with a hot blow dryer. 

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