DecoArt Bead and Glitter Glue


Bead and Glitter Glue

Versatile adhesive that allows you to apply beads and glitter exactly where you want them.
Just squeeze glue from the fine tip onto the surface to personalize, dot, or fill an area.

Sprinkle loose beads or glitter over the wet glue, tap off excess, and allow to dry.
Bead and Glitter Glue can be used on most craft surfaces including fabric.
Create one-of-a-kind purses, hats, shirts, ornaments, and more.

  • More application control with bottle tip
  • Flexible when dry for use on fabric
  • Ideal for beginners to advanced crafters
  • Dries clear
  • Washable
  • Non-toxic
  • No heat-setting required

Basic Instructions:

  • Squeeze glue onto project surface. Sprinkle beads into wet glue. Allow to dry. 
  • Fabric: pre-wash and dry without softeners before bead application. Sprinkle beads into wet glue and cover beads with a thin layer of glue. Allow to dry 48 hours. Let cure 7 days before laundering. Do not soak. Hand-wash gently in cold water, lay flat, and air dry for best results. Do not heat set. Note: glue is cloudy when wet but becomes clear once completely dry. 
  • For slick or rounded surfaces, allow glue to set 5-8 minutes then press beads into glue. Dry time can be accelerated with a fan or hairdryer set on low.
2 oz bottle


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